Catholic Charities will serve those who are most vulnerable and in greatest need throughout Chenango County. We are known for our leadership, competence and compassion.

We are motivated to awaken the human spirit, inspire self-awareness and nurture growth. Those we serve will increase their capacity to be self-sufficient and fully integrated members of the community. We will challenge ourselves and others to model God’s teachings every day in all aspects of our service delivery. We strive to reflect God’s love and compassion in all that we do.

We will achieve our vision through convening, collaboration, service, advocacy and organization. In each of these categories, we will be guided by the following:


• We will be agents of change, facilitating collaborative efforts to serve the poor.

• We will be providing dynamic leadership to coordinate the delivery of services to reduce duplication with other agencies.

• We will challenge others to develop just responses to social issues.


• We will be collaborating with the broader community, Diocesan ministries, and parishes in order to develop integrated models of service delivery.

• We will be inspiring and supporting our staffs to be models of collaboration.

• We will be interacting with parishes and Diocesan groups to cultivate potential areas of collaboration and partnership.

• We will be working to develop comprehensive models of change which enable those served to transform their lives.


• We will have developed new models of service and adapted them to be compatible with emerging models of service.

• We will have built an integrated system to help people move from their current state to a higher level of functioning.

• We will be serving emerging populations and coordinating with other social service structures.

• We will be providing mission driven services that reflect the identity and values of the organization.

• We will have empowered people to become increasingly independent and take charge of their own grown and change.

• We will be providing innovation services to the most vulnerable populations in a highly efficient manner.


• We will be taking the lead in bringing about transformative change in the communities we serve.

• We will be a voice for those we serve when called upon to promote social justice in our community.

• We will be speaking out on behalf of those we serve.

• We will be promoting just policies for those we serve on a systemic level.

• We will be confronting at every level those situations that promote inequality or injustice.


• We will be creating models for service delivery that can be replicated throughout Catholic Charities system.

• We will be internally organized in a way that streamlines the delivery of services and maximizes benefit.

• We will develop new revenue streams to strengthen our organization to work at its fullest potential.

• We will be identifying resources that provide opportunities for optimum service delivery.

• We will be continually building our capacity to serve.