What we are doing to keep everyone safe 

Your health and safety are our number one priorities

We have adopted policies and procedures that have allowed us to minimize the amount of contact our staff have with the community while still providing as many of our services as effectively as possible. ALL of our programs are still 100% percent operational, and some have even expanded or been enhanced in order to meet the current needs of our Chenango County residents throughout this difficult and trying time.

Continuous updates and changes are made to these policies based on the best practices that have been found and following the guidance of local, state and federal agencies who have advised us on how to safely mitigate and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Due to these ever changing policies it is impossible to keep them accurately updated on our website so for the most current information please follow our agencies Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CCofCC for all of the most up to date policy information for the public.   

Here is a list of some of our changes that are currently in effect:

Main Office Location:

Our main office and the programs that are housed at 3 O’Hara Drive  are not permitting visitors at this time, other than essential services that are needed.  All of our programs at this location have created plans for how to provide these services without face to face interaction and through the use of technology.   If you work with one of our programs here please reach out to them at any time to receive updates or additional information.  If you would like to inquire about any of our programs or think there may be a reason it is essential for one of our staff to meet with you, please call our office at (607)334-8244 and speak with our receptionist.   

Roots & Wings Location:

Our Root’s and Wing’s location has had to change policies multiple times throughout the pandemic to ensure the safety of everyone.  We are currently not allowing anyone into the facility at this time.  The food pantry and all services connected are still available to anyone who stops and we are still maintaining normal operating hours.  We unfortunately will not be able to allow anyone into the pantry at this time and will be providing food packages through no contact at the door.  Please call ahead if you have any questions at (607)336-7897 or (607)334-8244.     

Licensed Residential Programs:

All of our residential programs which are licensed by NYS OPWDD and OMH are currently following all New York States guidance regarding the development of policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our individuals who live in these locations.   The policies have changed frequently so if you have family or a friend who reside in one of our programs please call the program location and ask them for the most up to date policies before trying to arrange visits.  We are trying to be as least restrictive on visitation policies as possible but still need to ensure everyone’s safety.  If you do no know the contact information for a particular residential site please call our office at (607)334-8244 and the receptionist will direct you.  

All Other Community Based Programs:

For up to date policy information regarding our community based programs and HCBS waivers services please contact our offices at (607)334-8244.